2021 Goals & Upcoming Features

Photo by the talented Julia Dags

Photo by the talented Julia Dags

Here we are in 2021!!! We made the best of 2020, but lots of our New England plans and sharing were upended by an unexpected pandemic. As we all pivoted, we found comfort in our surroundings and discovered new ways to celebrate and make the most of a very unprecedented time.

As we look to a new year, I am hoping for a return to a safer and more travel friendly world. No matter what happens, we are going to find the joy in our circumstances. I think we can all agree that it was a rough year and that 2021 is being welcomed with open arms.

Despite lots of New England travel and sharing being cancelled last year, I did find that 2020 was a great year to really focus and streamline what we will be sharing here this next year. To my surprise, we did get to safely travel to a few of our favorite New England places and share those with you.

I delved into a lot more home and style than before here. Those were two topics that I would ocassionally share when it fit into our travel or highlighted a New England maker or brand I wanted to share. After doing my yearly postmortem on the blog and my social media, I saw that those topics were well received. That was part of my “pivot” here. After auditing our last year, I am moving ahead planning for more travel and travel guides for New England, more style posts, and more living posts. That balance is one that works really well.

Truth be told, I am quite protective of sharing my personal life too much here. I don’t share my family that often even though they are the most important thing in my life. For me, and I realize this is different for every person, it is healthy to keep my personal life out of my work life. It provides me the balance I need and keeps work out of my home life. I want this space to be more of a resource for you and not so much about me if that makes sense. Our top resources were our travel guides, fashion for tall women, and decorating posts which is great because those are all areas I’m passionate about sharing.

Just know, as I share a weekly style post, it is not my comfort zone to be in a photo. I am much more comfortable behind the camera shooting places and spaces. I do realize that a face with the message is important and I like to know how clothing looks on a average sized person too, so that’s why I share it that way.

My background is in styling and designing interiors, so it has been fun to wear that hat from time to time here too. It’s always something I’m doing, but I want to focus it more on entertaining and holiday content as the seasons change here in New England.

2021 Goals & Upcoming Features

Goal #1

More Detailed Travel Guides.

Travel is really number one for me. Getting to share New England and discover new places here is really the engine that runs this site and our social media. This year, I am going to compile more travel guides because I find those to be such a great resource.

Goal #2

Style for Tall Women

To my surprise, one of my top performing posts is when I shared pajamas for tall women. In fact, anytime I shared a style post it did quite well. I kind of chuckled when I saw it, but I realized that it is so nice to have someone do the “leg work” for you and share great brands that are size inclusive for tall gals like myself. So, I’ll be making an effort to share that regularly here.

Goal #3

Celebrate More

We all became homebodies in 2020 like it or not. I’ve always been one who loves whipping up a tablescape, decorating for the holidays, and letting the seasons dictate my decor so you will see more of that in 2021 too.

Upcoming Features this Winter

  • An airbnb right here in Connecticut with everything you will need for a cozy winter escape.

  • Classic coastal winter style with quality pieces from one of my favorite clothing brands Joules USA.

  • Essex, Connecticut winter travel guide.

  • An at home Valentine’s Day Celebration featuring Christmas Tree Shops.

  • Small shops with pieces perfect for the winter months.

  • Outdoor gondola village at the Ocean House in Rhode Island.

  • New sweater line from a favorite online shop.

Those are a few of the projects I’m working on for this winter. Thank you so much for your input and I’m excited to make 2021 our best year of sharing New England travel, style, and living!

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