5 Things to Pack in Your Carry-on for Spring Break Travel

With warm destination winter travel in full swing and spring break travel just around the corner next month, I thought it would be great to share with you 5 items I find extremely easy to fit into your carry-on. I always pack a carry-on and stow a larger suitcase when I fly somewhere. Often times, I keep a few items in my carry-on that are “ready to use” once I get to my destination just in case my stowed luggage takes a little longer to arrive or get up to my room. I think we’ve all had a misplaced luggage moment! I like to have some space-saving and fun in the sun ready essentials in my carry-on so I can start enjoying that warm place right away.

Here’s what I’ve travelled with and what I find super easy to fit into that smaller carry-on luggage…

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  1. The Packable Beach Hat or Visor

Here’s some tried and true packable hats I have in my wardrobe. I love the origami inspired fold-up Lorna Murray hats for easy travel packing too. The Hat Attack roll-up visor has been one that always ends up in my carry-on because it hardly takes up any space at all.

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2. A Fold-up & Lay Flat Beach Bag

Hands-down my favorite lay flat and extremely foldable beach bag to pack in my carry-on is the Mark & Graham ribbon tote. They don’t take up any room because they lay so flat and you can easily fold in the sides and ribbon straps. This is my go-to always when I fly. The Steele bags also fold up very nicely, but I prefer the straw ribbon totes if I’m going to that beach side destination.

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3. Travel Size Sunscreen Essentials

I like to be ready for the pool or beach when I arrive, so a small travel-size sunscreen kit is a must so I don’t spend the rest of the trip looking like a lobster. This kit from Supergoop is a good one and has all my favorites.

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4. A Lightweight Turkish Towel That Can Double as a Sarong

These Turkish beach towels are so lightweight and can double as a sarong or cover-up as you are on property at your destination. They are a great thing to have on hand in your carry-on if you want to hit the beach or pool right away and perfect for packing because they hardly take up any space.

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5. A Wardrobe Starter Kit

Aside from the hitting the swim essentials in my carry-on, I like to have a few pieces I can intermix, just in case that stowed luggage takes a moment to show up. I find a beach dress, a caftan, a clutch that lays flat when empty, and a pair of flat sandals or slides cute enough to wear out for dinner are great things to have on hand. Also, a couple of pairs of under-things and a couple swimsuits are easy to fit into your carry-on. You’ll be glad to have the options if your luggage is slow to arrive. If I have room I’ll put in my travel size toiletries in a small clear zip up pouch.

Another tip, usually in my purse I put under my seat during flight, I’ll keep a small make-up bag, a fold up hairbrush, mini toothpaste/toothbrush kit, some spare contact lenses, a couple of cute pairs of sunglasses, a couple of jewelry options, ponytail holders, and a headband. . That way if my luggage gets lost, I still have my freshen up kit, contacts, and accessories for a dinner out and the next morning. I’ll just use the shampoos and soaps at the hotel until my stuff arrives.

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Happy Travels!

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