Camp Foxhill Lobster Boil

We stayed home this weekend. After Memorial Day and our shoot at the Ocean House, I wanted to be at home getting some stuff done. Plus, I have some travel to do around Connecticut this week, so it’s nice to have a chill weekend. There was a shadow that loomed over the weekend with the sad events in our country and I shared a bit about that in my June Notes yesterday.

We did want to celebrate the boys’ school achievements though, so we put together a little New England lobster boil/Midwest BBQ celebration. It was surf ‘n’ turf with steamed lobsters, smoked ribs, and all the fixings. We transformed our screened porch into a little breezy dining space and it became a fun evening of laughter and good conversation. We are incredibly proud of how our boys ended the school year strong and transitioned with the unexpected distance learning. Both are honors students and athletes and earned some great awards.

Here’s a glimpse at our weekend…


My weekend wear consisted of polo shirts and those super comfy drawstring chambray pants. During the day, we had our swim suits and shorts on in the yard and in the cool of evening it was great to pop on some cute yet comfy pieces. I’ll share sources at the end of the post for you.

lobster-boil-2 (1).JPG

lobster-boil-8 (1).jpg

lobster-boil-7 (1).jpg




Outfit Details

Monogrammed Polo Shirt Land’s End

Chambray Drawstring Pants J. Crew Factory

Monogrammed Gingham Bracelet Set c/o Kim Prints Collection

Lobster Flip Flops Old Navy

I have been loving those J. Crew Factory pants for weekends! They are so comfy and nice enough to wear if I need to head out of the house for anything. You can’t beat the price either. I’m going to check and see what other colors they have now that I know I like the fit. Thinking of trying the drawstring shorts too.

The Land’s End polo is pretty classic and I love monogramming them. You can also get little symbols monogrammed too. A sailboat or anchor would be great for summer. I think they run big so I’d recommend ordering a size down.

Another favorite for summer is that bracelet set from Kim Prints Collection. Kim is the eyes and ears of New England with her Shoreline Illustrated publication and website and I love her coastal jewelry line! It would be a great New England brand for you to check out if you don’t already know it.

I hope you all are safe and healthy during this time. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions in our home. Having milestones and little triumphs to celebrate help make it feel like we have moments of normalcy again.

Until next time,


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