“Home is the nicest word there is.” —Laura Ingalls Wilder

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a new facet of our New England experience that will occasionally be featured here on this blog and our Instagram—and that is the New England home. More precisely, our New England home lovingly named Camp Foxhill. I’ve shied away from sharing our personal space and I by no means want this to be an interiors blog, but as I shape this platform into what reflects our New England, I would be remiss not to include home from time to time.

I’ve always had a passion for decorating interiors and the older I get the more I want to ignore trends and stick to my traditional origins and ideas of home. Living in a colonial in New England has inspired me to reconnect with this part of my creativity in an unexpected way. Our explorations and travels of this corner of America have filled our home with trinkets that make us smile and trigger happy memories everyday. I am inspired by what I see all around me.

Our home is in no way perfect or finished…but is a home ever really finished? I feel they ebb and flow and change with life. I consider myself an old soul in some respects and (of course ) I selected a home that needs TLC, some bigger renovations (outdoors and indoors—yikes!), and a set of new eyes to appreciate its yesteryear charm. I couldn’t help but see potential and our lives here and I am happy to include it now in our content.

As I stated, these home accounts will be occasional and New England travel is still the main focus of this space. From time to time, our experience overlaps into style or goods that fit the New England lifestyle. Now, it feels organic and authentic to share a bit of our home.

Welcome to our colonial where we live our New England story…

So, this month you can expect a Camp Foxhill post to be shared here and I hope you enjoy this addition. I’ll be sure to share the story of the name of our home too.

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