Favorite Places to Find Tall Pajamas

We had a pajama party of sorts this last Sunday. It was rainy and dark most of the day and we stayed inside playing board games. Spring in New England is always such a mix of weather. I always keep a few flannel sets in my drawer because I know I’ll want them. Also, I mix in some lightweight cotton and modal sets to transition for nights that are warmer.

I’ve added some cute sets to my pajama drawer lately, so I thought I’d share some of my new favorites with you today. Also, I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, so when I find some long enough in the arms and legs I am thrilled!! I’ll link to my favorite brands for tall pajamas too, just in case you have the same problem.


I find that J. Crew and J. Crew Factory pajama sets are just long enough—as in, I will never throw them in the dryer. They just hit my slippers when standing so they barely pass the test for me. They don’t offer tall sizing as of right now, but I’m holding out hope they will during the colder months. I’m kicking around trying the cropped set. I love this pinstripe version and the cotton is extra light weight for spring.


I took advantage of the sale prices and stocked up for spring. Also, those slippers from L.L. Bean are so great! They are my go-to and last so much longer than other pairs I have had in the past. I got this pair last Christmas and they still look brand new and I wear them everyday.


These modal pajamas from Crane & Canopy are my present favorite. The fabric is SO INCREDIBLY SOFT and they are true to size and pass the slipper touch test for this tall girl.

I love that you can get them monogrammed. They’d make a great Mother’s Day gift if you need ideas for the moms in your life.

I’ve noticed that it’s easier to find pajamas with tall sizing during the colder months and holidays. Probably because people order them more. Here’s a few for spring that I found around the web…

Once September hits, you’ll start to see stores offer tall sizing more and more—especially for flannel.

Here are my go-to stores for tall pajamas:

Old Navy

Victoria’s Secret

L.L. Bean

Land’s End

Soma Intimates


Long Tall Sally

I’m curious to try the modal set from Victoria’s Secret since they offer tall inseams. I have some flannel from them and they are cute. Old Navy was my happy find during the holidays last year. The pajama pants were so long and they had a very flattering cut.

That’s it for now! Stay safe!

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