Holiday Gift Guide Pajamas for the Family in All Sizes

We always gift the family new matching holiday pajamas every year. This holiday gift guide has all my favorite places to get family pajamas and most have tall sizes. All that I have linked come in tall sizes for Men & Women too. We are a tall family and the few that aren’t listed as tall are long enough for me too. I’ll give you notes on each place too to help you decide where to get your holiday pajama gifts and family sets from this year.

You can see all our gift guides on our Holiday Gift Guide Page that we will be updating all season long. Also, we set up curated gifts by category for everyone on your list on our Holiday Shop Page.

My Favorite Places for Tall Pajamas

I’m 5’11’’ so I am always looking for pajamas that are long enough for me, especially the pants! All of these are my favorite spots to get holiday pajamas that all offer tall sizing. I’ll share my pros and cons of each one.

Old Navy

The nice thing about Old Navy holiday jammies is they won’t break the bank. The flannel is a lighter weight flannel and they come in so many cute tartans and designs. The cotton long John style pajamas are cozy. You get what you pay for basically. You can usually grab a set on sale for around $20/person. After a few years of wash they show some pilling and wear, but you can get few years out of these. Great for kids that aren’t done growing if you do the matching set for the family every year.

My Favorites this Year

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LL Bean

Their flannel pajamas are better quality than the Old Navy ones. The flannel is a thicker heavier weight, so if you need warm pajamas this is the place to go. They come in tall sizes. Also, they have my favorite sherpa slippers of all time! I’ve tried so many brands and these are my favorite and last the longest.

My Favorites this Season

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Victoria’s Secret

I’ve been getting these for years because they were one of the first places that carried tall lengths in their pajamas. They always have the cutest tartans and prints. Also, good details on the collar and sleeve. They will last you on average around 5 years before you’ll want to replace them. Not sure on the fit this year, but I’ll update with fit notes when I get my sets to try on.

My Favorites this Season

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Lake Pajamas

LAKE pajamas are such great quality. If you want a nicer set this is the way to go. They are long enough for me even though they don’t come in tall lengths. The flannel is good quality. My tip on the flannel set is to size one size up if you have hips and curvier on the bottom. The pima cotton sets that they are known for are so soft and I’d stick to your regular size on those.

My Favorites this Season

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Lands End

I grew up in the Midwest and wearing Land’s End. The pajamas have tall sizes and I really love that emerald green tartan this year! Actually, I have some of these coming my way soon so I’ll update fit notes once I try them on.

My Favoiites this Season

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Mark & Graham

I have a few sets of pajamas from Mark & Graham and love them. The pants are plenty long enough and the tops are long enough in the arms even though they are regular sizes. The blue set with the white piping is great quality and I love that plaid that came out for holiday. The ski print is so cute and that set is really soft!

My Favorites this Season

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Slippers for the Family

I got to preview some holiday from J Crew Factory recently and I thought these slippers were so cute for the family. Nice addition to your pajama gifting this year!

My Favorites this Season

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Happy Holiday Shopping!

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