Lobster Time in Noank, CT

There are so many wonderful reasons to love a New England summer. The fresh seafood is definitely one of them! You could say I’m a lobster or LOBSTAH lover. Our move to New England has pretty much ruined me because it introduced my taste buds to the lobster roll. I admit I am now one of those people who crave their deliciousness all summer long.

One of our summertime goals: Hunting down our favorite Connecticut lobster joints and working on a ‘favorites list’ to share with you by the end of the season. Lots and lots of research is necessary…wink, wink!

I recently went to Abbott’s in Noank, CT to start us on our quest to search out the best CT lobster joints. The setting is quaint and right on the water—so it is pretty much perfect as far as atmosphere. I’ll let you know the dining results soon.

I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots by the buoys. If you have been following my Instagram for any length of time you might have noticed I have a bit of a buoy obsession. I can’t help it! I love those colorful guys. If there are buoys nearby I will undoubtedly take their picture.






(Lobster tote bag c/o barringtongifts.com)

You have my word…I will continue the hunt for the best lobster joints. Like I said, lots and lots of research is involved…it might take all summer long!

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