Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The Happiest of Christmases…

In this most cherished of seasons, I wanted to wish you and yours a very merry holiday season!

From Thanksgiving to the first weeks of December, I was on a cycle of constant busy, a good busy, but I’m taking these week’s of Christmas break to do just that, BREAK. We have everyone home, everyone off work and school and schedules. It’s a time to revisit those treasured traditions we hold so dear, a time to have fireside chats, a time to share a cup of cheer, a time to be with family and friends new and old…a time to make time for what really matters and forget about all the things that are on that to-do list.

With so much going on in the world around us, I’m holding tight to the ones I love and not wishing this season away. I am slow to the decorating this year, slow to the card sending, slow to the planning, but present in it all.

Here’s to more nights of games and puzzling, decking the halls, a full table, and a contented heart.

I just finished decorating our tree yesterday, and I love how it turned out. Imperfect orange garland we made together, 23 years worth of ornaments with funky popsicles and pipe cleaners, and a memory on every branch.

From our family to yours, a very Merry Christmas indeed!

I’ll be back after the break with more renovation updates on Foxhill House, classic style finds, and 2024 travels. Until then…

Happy Holidays!


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