New Furniture and Decor in Our Living Room

We could also title this post “The Importance of Adding Natural Textures into Your Space”…Today, I wanted to share the beautiful new decor and furniture I added into our living room, and yes, this will be full of cane, raffia, and wovens. Adding textural pieces into your space add interest, warmth, and some fun pattern play. Here’s the new things I added into our living room…

Cane Decor

Cane Vases, Set of 2

These cane vases are so well made and look great paired together on a console, bookshelf, or used separately. The smaller one is the perfect size for a coffee table.

Natural Terra Cane Nesting Tables

Terra Cane Nesting Tables, Set of 3

I wanted more warm naturals in our furniture in this room, and these Terra Cane Nesting Tables are perfect for the space. I love how they are space saving and the smaller tables can be used for extra surfaces when we have people over. They are made well and the texture is subtle.

Greens & Wovens

Green Woven Blanket

Green Misters Set

Green Misters Set of Three

I started to add in some green touches into our living room last year with these Quadrille Pillows. This Woven Green Blanket is a great touch. It’s a nice weight. The Green Misters Set is perfect for a little more color and they are useful for all those houseplants that need a spritz.

This is a good example of how a few new textural objects and furnishings can take a space up a notch. I’m loving the mix of blues and greens in our home and it’s a color pairing I am working into every space we are working on here. I’ve been so happy with the furniture and decor we’ve added into our living room the past couple of years too. I’ll link everything in this room for you below.

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