There is something calming in the peace of November. The bareness of the trees makes everything pause and the earth feels a bit quieter for awhile. I think maybe it’s just what we all need before the holidays provide us with lots to do.

The older I get, the more I begin to appreciate each season for what it is. I love how November starts with a symphony of color, then gets darker and more subdued, and ends with a grand finale that warms us back up with the holidays. There’s a special magic to November that you don’t feel the rest of the year. The possibility of snow can give you some childlike wonder this month. So much change in 30 days. Even the focus of November is a positive one. The season of gratitude and selfless giving is upon us. We try to be in the common practice of this all year long, but I do love the reminder.

As I said, November also means the promise of snow here. Lots of places across the country have been hit hard already, but we have been eagerly awaiting the fluffy white stuff here in Connecticut. Living in New England, I get even more excited for the snow. It seems like each snowfall is a major event. Topher and I used to laugh when we first moved here and watched the news on a snow day. Everything stops and the news channels cover it all day long. The weather people just drive from town to town and cover the snow. There’s something endearing in that.

This month on the blog and my Instagram will be a mix. I am sharing the last images of fall here in Connecticut and will be rolling right into holiday content. I usually break these note posts into categories, but this time it is such a mix! We will be focusing on home more to enjoy the season.


  • Yankee Candle– Last month I was supposed to visit the headquarters and village in Deerfield, Mass and we had to cancel due to illness. We’re going to try our hardest to make it there this month.

  • Lots of Gifting and Holiday Ideas- I have some brand partnerships I’ll be sharing soon to give you great gifting and holiday shopping ideas. Lots of apparel and personalized touches. Several are New England based brands or have brick and mortars right here in CT.

  • Thanksgiving– This year we are not traveling, so we are hosting our own Thanksgiving dinner in our home. I love this holiday so much! I’m kicking around sharing our holiday table with you here. I always enjoy pulling out the china, pressing the linens, and making our holidays extra special.

  • Christmas Kickoff– The day after Thanksgiving— it’s on! My favorite time of year and I will just share what organically feels right. A little bit of Christmas in Connecticut for you.

Here’s to a month of gratitude and warm holidays!

Until next time,


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