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Recently, I partnered with The Inside to add a pop of color and pattern to our bedroom design. This space was a blank canvas and I had fun designing the wall treatment and making our upholstery selections. I knew I wanted to add some symmetry and interest to the wall the bed is on and I wanted to work in some green to my coastal blue selections I made for the grasscloth wallpaper and bedding.

The Inside makes it really easy to make your designer fabric selections and offers so many great options for headboards, ottomans, chairs, and so much more! Just select your furniture style and click on your fabric options to come up with the right fit for your space. You can order fabric samples to help you make decisions too. Everything arrived here in just 4 weeks! I’ll definitely be sourcing from them again for future home projects. I love how the headboard and room divider screen turned out. The fabric is so good!

The Inside also offers a great wallpaper selection. I had wallpaper already selected for this project, but I’m definitely going to keep them in mind as a wallpaper source for future projects. We have a ton of rooms to tackle for this home renovation. I might have to revisit for our dining room design.

I have a special discount code for you to use at The Inside too! Use code NEWENGLAND50 to get $50 off your order of $199 & up!

When I used to do client work, a lot of times the master bedroom was the last space to tackle and common areas of the home always came first, which makes sense. For myself, waking up in a beautiful room sets a good tone for my day, so I decided to work on this space first to get the ball rolling on this home renovation. There is a part two to this room design which I’ll share at the end of this post too.

The early inspiration for this room came from a trip I took to Palm Beach this spring. The Jonathan Adler headboards at the EAU Palm Beach, made me switch gears on this project and go for that cut out and pattern on the headboard. Travel always sparks design inspiration for my home.

The original design for this room also had a natural grasscloth on the walls, but after getting wallpaper samples I switched to the blue grasscloth.

Here’s some images from our bedroom design and I’ll share the specifics and a complete source list at the end of this post.

Our Bedroom Makeover

The Next Chapter of this Room Makeover…

Currently, our bedroom has “HIS & HERS” walk-in closets, cute right? Well, it might be cute, but they hardly have any storage. Colonials like this built in the 1940’s are really lacking on storage space. We are planning an addition for our home and part of it will be a walk through closet to a master bathroom. So, where these closets are now is where the entrance to the new closet and master bathroom will be located.

The Complete Source List

I love how the first part of this room design has turned out. It’s a breath of fresh air and has me excited to work on more spaces in our home in 2023. I’m so happy with the quality of the fabric and furniture from The Inside. They have samples for fabric and wallpaper you can order, and I highly recommend that before you commit. It’s always a good idea to see it in person for texture, color, and quality.

If you shop at The Inside be sure to use discount code NEWENGLAND50 for $50 off your purchase of $199 & up.

Shop The Inside

I’d like to thank The Inside for sponsoring this room design. All opinions expressed in this post are mine. This was my first time ordering from their site and I am definitely going to source from them again for upcoming room projects.

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