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Every summer since moving out to Connecticut, we plan a vacation on Nantucket for late June and early July. This has become year seven of Nantucket summer, and it is something we look forward to every year. It’s our favorite place to stay during the season. It was love at first sight that first time we rounded Brant Point Lighthouse on the ferry. The beauty of the island, the festive historic town, and the shopping and restaurant scene makes it the perfect summer escape.

Our favorite time to go is the last week of June into the first couple weeks of July. The main reason for this is because we like to enjoy Sconset during its prime rose and garden season. You can get both roses and hydrangeas in bloom if you time it just right.

I’ve taken all the ferries at some point to get on island, and since we are coming from Connecticut, Seastreak out of New Bedford is our favorite because you avoid the traffic and parking of the ferries on The Cape. Also, Seastreak offers valet, so just being able to pull right up to the ferry and have them park your car is a perk the other ferries don’t offer. It’s really nice and you don’t have to worry about walking or busing from an off-site parking lot.

Here’s some photos from our recent stay. I thought for this post, I’d share the pretty spots on the island we enjoy visiting each vacation for blooms. My next Nantucket post, I’ll do a comprehensive guide for you to share some of our favorite places to stay, dine, activities, etc.

Old North Wharf

This tiny seashell laden wharf right in the historic downtown is just steps from the ferry terminals. It’s a little slice of heaven and full of stories and, yes, lots of blooms. Most of the old fishing shacks turned vacation cottages are privately owned. Just a couple are rental properties now.

Brant Point Lighthouse

This is the lighthouse you see as you arrive by ferry to this magical little island. In summer, our flag greets us as it is hung on the old light. It’s surrounded by sandy beach full of shells and trinkets to collect. Fisherman love to come here and families take their annual vacation photo in front of the light. It’s a great spot to watch the boats sail around too. The Brant Point neighborhood has some beautiful homes and hotels to spy.


This is my favorite spot on the island. It’s about 9 miles from the downtown and once you are here you are transported into a fairy tale. The rambling rose cottages and breath-taking ocean views are just a couple of the treasures you will find on this side of the island. The Bluff Walk is a must-do and takes you on a path right along the ocean with insider views of magnificent homes and gardens. Sankaty Lighthouse is also in Sconset and a beautiful spot to visit. It’s the quieter side of Nantucket and hands down my favorite place to be when on island.

Steps Beach

This tiny beach is a magical spot with quite the overlook. It’s sandwiched between Jetties Beach and Dionis Beach. The sand on this stretch of beaches is really well maintained and super powdery soft. As you meander your way over the to the little path that leads to those famous stairs, be sure to spy the homes and blooms on Lincoln Avenue.

Stay tuned! This green embroidered cover up I’m wearing is a new line from my friend Erin’s shop, Navy Bleu. it releases any day now!

I have a lot of other spots to share with you, but these were the first days off my photo card and some of our top spots. When I do my full recap, I’ll include the other lighthouses, beaches, and more

Nantucket Recap coming up…

Working on a post sharing our favorite activities, spots to dine, places to stay, and scenic areas to visit. xx Kristy

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