Personal Shopper: Spring Wardrobe Finds

I did a big closet overhaul and went through all of my fall and winter clothes to donate and to store away for next year. I’m ready to pack up all the plaid, holiday, and fall fabrics. I like to transition this time of year to more spring hues with coastal striped sweaters, trench coats, and blue, white, and tan tops. I just ordered some cute additions to freshen up my spring wardrobe this year. I’m loving all of these tops, shoes, bags, and that navy trench is a nice change from the classic tan. I do love the classic tan or khaki trench too, but had to snag that navy trench for spring. There were some good early spring discounts on the clothing too, so now is a good time to shop. Here is what’s in my shopping cart for spring this month…


The Navy Trench

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Spring Tops

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Spring Bags

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Spring Shoes

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Happy Spring Shopping!

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