Summer in Stonington, CT


Summer in Stonington, Connecticut is in full swing. Recently, I shared some of the beautiful June roses that erupted in full bloom along this village’s sidewalks. As promised, here’s Part Two of my time in Stonington Borough. Also, I wanted to include some places we love to go when in town to help you on your way if you have never been before.

Stonington Borough or “The Borough” as the locals call it is located on the eastern coast of Connecticut. It is a small point of land that projects into Little Narragansett Bay. I feel Nantucket-esque vibes when walking the streets lined with over-flowing roses and hydrangea bushes. It’s a place that I instantly loved upon first visit. Any given day in the summer kids in swim gear are walking down to Dubois Beach, people are walking their dogs along the picturesque neighborhood streets, and boats are sailing in the bay. The smell of sweet salt air is everywhere and you feel the spirit of New England with every home and flag flying.

Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite things to do and see when I drop by for a visit…

Take a Summer Stroll




Believe it or not, one of my favorite things to do here is walk. Sometimes I bring our pup and just spend a few hours walking and taking in every architectural detail. So many gorgeous homes! History is around every corner. The water is viewed from almost everywhere. There are plenty of hidden gems to find. Little nooks of docks and greens. That’s part of the beauty of The Borough. I always find something new to love about it with each visit.

Shop & Dine


There’s some good shopping to be had along Water Street. Antique shops, home decor, flowers, and boutiques line both sides of this street and are worth the drop in. Also, some coffee and dining options are along this little shopping district.

I have a few restaurants that are my go-to spots when we visit. I love a good meal by the water on a beautiful summer day.

A few recommendations for dining:

  • Noah’s Diner Casual and good food. A breakfast and lunch favorite.

  • Breakwater Outdoor seating on the water. Seafood & cocktails. A good dinner spot.

  • Dog Watch Cafe Good food and outdoor bar with harbor views.

Other Things to Do


The Borough is home to the sweetest little lighthouse museum you ever did see. It’s a good stop to learn some nautical history. Also, you can learn more about the role Stonington has played in the history of our country. Another special treat— You can walk up the staircase to the light and get a 360 degree view of the point.

Other things worth checking out…

  • I have heard it through the grapevine that Stonington Vineyards is beautiful and fun for a wine tasting (see what I did there!)

  • Buttonwood Farms is famous for their ice cream and sunflower farm. Definitely want to check that one out soon!

  • Stay overnight at The Inn at Stonington. This is a beautiful inn right in the heart of The Borough.

There is so much more I want to see in the area and I might have to plan an overnight stay one of these days. Check out this wonderful coastal village. I know you will love it!

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