Swim 2023 with One Piece Long Torso Options

I used to get so annoyed that all the cute one piece swimsuits never fit me right because I’m tall and have a long torso. The only one piece I could find for years was a Speedo racing suit and no thank you. These days, I’m happy that retailers have caught on to the need and places like J. Crew and Summersalt have started offering the long torso option in many cute styles. Because let’s face it, you don’t always want to wear a two-piece. Here are my latest one piece long torso swim finds for all the tall girls out there. These all come in regular sizing too.

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What I ordered for travel this year…

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If I find more long torso suits that are cute I’ll share them, but so far these are great. I have several from J. Crew and I love them. I tried my first one from Summersalt and the fit is great. I’ll share more soon, once the new ones arrive too. I ordered that J. Crew Rouched Ruffle Neck Suit in white and gingham with some of the accessories above for some upcoming trips. I’ll report back, but I do have the Plunge Rouched Suit and Bow Suit from J. Crew and I love them both. So glad they brought them back this season.

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