Thanksgiving Tablescape with Christmas Tree Shops

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops. All opinions are my own.

The creature comfort months are here and I can’t believe it’s almost November as I type this up! Since we gave our dining room a mini refresh, I’ve been enjoying having the table set every night. I implemented the idea to my family to have every night be an optional Friendsgiving. If you want a friend to join us, just bring them. I’ve partnered with Christmas Tree Shops to set a lovely tabletop perfect for Thanksgiving, or in this case, our impromptu Friendsgivings.

So far, we have had new parents at our youngest son’s school and our oldest’s new college friend join us. There are two certainties in life being, One, you come to my home and I will feed you and Two, I’d rather sit around a table with a good meal face to face with people then be on the phone or texting. Now, the meal may be a big batch of soup and salad, so just know it’s not going to be Thanksgiving every night, but it’s guaranteed to be cozy and fun. The house may be a bit out of sorts because of life, but the dining room is here for you! There is just something about the slow down of sitting around a table and breaking bread together that is fundamental to me.

Here’s our Friendsgiving tabletop and I’ll share my favorites from CTS…

Festive Plates, Bowls, & Serveware

CTS had these turkey dinner plates, pumpkin dessert plates, and bamboo edge bowls. All were easy on the pocketbook and they make great casual dinnerware. Not as precious as the China I will use on Thanksgiving night, but a great festive touch outside your every day set. The wooden pumpkin trivet and bread boards were a great savings too!

An Autumnal Centerpiece

I love a centerpiece with lots of candles. Always so welcoming! CTS had these unscented white candles in 3 varying heights and those darling little orange and white pumpkin votives. I mixed in the decorative basketweave and glass pumpkins I found in store with real ones and some pinecones to create this seasonal display. The decorative pumpkins were already a great price but were an extra 40% off during the sale, so it was a no brainer. For a nice Thanksgiving touch I added the pair of ceramic turkeys I found in store too.

CTS will continue to run 40% off Harvest in the upcoming weeks, so if you need any additional fall or Thanksgiving decor, it’s a great time to shop for all things fall! They will sell out fast and holiday is already in the aisles.

You can sign up for emails or texts at Christmas Tree Shops and get a coupon for $10 off your next $50 purchase.

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I’m liking this element of surprise and wondering who is coming to dinner next! Maybe we’ll keep this up all year long! I’m going to rework some of the decorative pieces into our Thanksgiving table this year. I always cut some bittersweet from the woods to add every Thanksgiving.

When I was last in Christmas Tree Shops putting together this table, I spied lots of Christmas in the aisles already! So fun to see all the holiday items coming out and I am planning up my holiday ideas right now!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and let’s find a reason to celebrate the everyday!

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