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This One’s for You, Dad!

As we head into the weekend, it is a special one indeed! Celebrating the Dads in our lives is something so important to do. My boys are incredibly lucky to have the father that they do, and I do not take that for granted—not for a day!! Topher is a true family man. He’s one of the most selfless people I know.

Building young men of strong character and resolve can be a challenge in today’s world. He is a hero in many ways—too many to name here. He’s definitely our boys champion, friend, shoulder to lean on, and counselor. He is never too busy to work on soccer moves with our youngest or play one-on-one in the driveway with our oldest. He will stop what he is doing to listen and give advice when they need him. He is our fun and laughter guy providing comic relief and making them laugh with his quick wit. He also is there to give them constructive criticism in a loving manner when they need to hear it. He makes every hike, vacation, car ride, and weekend morning an adventure. Though he is busy with his work and obligations, he makes the time for all of the above. He works his schedule to always be available, even to coach their sports’ teams whenever he can. He is the example.

He is a role model in so many ways. I am so proud of the young men our boys are becoming and much of it is to Topher’s credit. How thankful we are for him everyday!

We honor all the Dads in our lives, especially the one we share a home with every single day!

Topher’s Favorite Things

Today, I thought we’d mix it up and instead of the usual categories I’m going to share with you Topher’s favorite things for travel and life here in New England. These are hand-picked by him and tried and true items he uses all the time!

WeekENDer Style Picks

His Favorite Sweater


L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater

His Favorite Ball Cap


Smathers & Branson Flag Hat

His Favorite Summer Shoes


For Home & Travel

His Favorite Coffee Mug


Yeti Travel Mug

His Favorite Lawn Game


That wraps up this week. I feel like this is the first week in a while that I have had a really busy schedule with blogging and creative projects since school ended.

The rest of June, I have some great New England brands lined up to share with you—some apparel, jewelry, bags and more. With travel starting to open back up in New England, I’m busy behind the scenes here and I will have some great places to share with you in July and August too. It’s shaping up to be an All-American Summer once again and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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