Happy weekend! Is anyone else noticing the seasons are colliding even more than usual this year? I know for marketing purposes, people are already sharing holiday things, but even my neighbors are decorating for Christmas early. Businesses in town are already starting to put up wreaths and greenery. If this COVID year has taught us anything, we all need a little extra spirit.

With that in mind, I will share some holiday goodies and such, because I’ve already started holiday shopping. Nice to get an early start this year!



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WeekENDer Style Pick


Sperry Saltwater Heel Leather Duck Boot


Not only are these boots super cute, they are SUPER COMFORTABLE! I trekked all over Nantucket Island in them last week and they didn’t even need to be broken in. That’s a good boot and perfect for water, sand, snow—basically—perfect for New England! They have 4 different color options too.


J. Crew Chateau Parka


It’s time to bundle! I love this coat so much for the colder months. Oh, and it’s ON SALE too!! It looks good with everything and comes in so many good colors. Also, it comes in tall sizing, so I am a happy camper!

Epicurious in the Kitchen


I’ve really enjoyed cooking seasonally and I’m embracing foods that I’ve never wanted to try before. After having an amazing dinner at The Shipwright’s Daughter in Mystic, I fell in love with butternut squash. This winter veggie (actually a fruit) is so versatile and delicious.


After trying it for the first time in the home kitchen with fresh produce from Morning Glory Farms on Martha’s Vineyard, I found that roasting it in the oven is my favorite. My friend, Helen, gave me a tip to use EVOO and a sea salt blend and face down roast it at 400 degrees until soft to press (20-30 minutes depending on size). I like the By the Sea Salt blend, also from Morning Glory Farms, but you can purchase it here. It’s really good filled with sauteed spinach and a poached egg on top. Want to really add another dose of flavor? Add a little Greek yogurt and a wasabi sauce. Totally inspired by the entree at Shipwright’s Daughter!

Easily Read


  • Shorelines Illustrated has a new issue and I love the story on Morning Glory Farms and how they have been strong throughout the generations and through COVID. A great story of what community really is and how food can bring us all together.

  • This article from Glossy.co on Micro Influencers and Macro Influencers is a really interesting read.

There’s No Place like Home


Chappy Wrap Classic Fair Isle Red Blanket


Chappy Wrap has THE CUTEST holiday patterns this season! They make such great gifts for everyone. Here are some of my favorite styles for this festive season and the winter months.

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Coming Up…

Nantucketing…I can’t wait to share more from Nantucket with you all! It was such a fun stay and though its the off season and COVID has changed some things on the island, there is still plenty to love! It was just the getaway we all needed.

Giveaways…I have some really great giveaways lined up for you this season on Instagram and you can always find me there at least once a day posting.

Holiday Style…I can’t wait to share some festive offerings from some of my favorite brands. Bring on the tartan and velvet!

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