2023 Recap: Our Home Projects

2023 is the year we started working on our old Connecticut colonial, Foxhill House. We bought this home after moving here in the summer of 2017. The first few years of living here, we started updating the bones–all new electrical, all new plumbing, a new central air and heating system, and we had the exterior freshly painted.

We updated a lot of things you could not see in the beginning, but it was the groundwork to start really delving into the interiors. To say we bought a diamond in the rough is an understatement, but we’ve always been ones that love rescuing an old home and making it shine again. I’m a sucker for the charm and natural materials in old homes. So, when we found this center hall colonial in an established neighborhood and it was priced to move, we snagged it knowing that it was going to take time to really get to the fun stuff.

This year we started tackling the interiors and here are some of the spaces we worked on this year:

The Primary Bedroom Makeover with The Inside

Click here to see the full makeover

Sunroom Refresh

Sunroom Refresh & DIY Grasscloth Coffee Table

Patio Refresh with Ballard Designs

See full patio refresh here

Living Room Makeover

See full living room makeover here

Dining Room Makeover

See progress on our dining room here

Up Next…

Where we left off in 2023 is awaiting the the rest of our living room furnishings to arrive and putting our dining room on pause for the holiday season. Once we came up to Thanksgiving, we had a good stopping point in the dining room and I’m looking forward to finishing her up once we off Christmas vacation.

LIVING ROOM | The living room is somewhat unfinished in my mind, even though I did share it. I was awaiting a new rug and deciding on chairs. Then, we decided to go with a matching sofa instead. So, this space will have a pair of matching sofas. We just agreed that is more comfortable and works best for our family. I’ll update you on this room once the rest of the furnishings are installed.

DINING ROOM | There has been more progress on our dining room since my pre-holiday update. I’ll be back to sharing the updates on this room soon. We just have the crown and moulding to install, and then it’s just adding to it over time with the right furniture and decor finds–not rushing that part.

BATHROOM ONE | We are starting a big tear out and full renovation of an upstairs bathroom this year. That’s the first of the major renovations starting. Our goal is to have the original house fully renovated before we add the additions. It begins this April and I’m looking forward to the process.

KITCHEN | The kitchen is getting a remodel this year too. We thought about doing it last year, but I didn’t want my kitchen torn apart for the holidays so we are starting this one in the summer this year. It’s not going to be as crazy as the bathroom, just new flooring, new countertops, new fixtures, and having the cabinets professionally painted. I really like the layout of our kitchen and the cabinet style. It was remodeled right before the house went on the market. It’s more preference changes.

I’m looking forward to working on more of our home this coming year. We’ll be finishing up the living room and dining room the beginning of the year, and then come spring moving right into the bathroom and kitchen projects.

More soon…


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