Anchored in August

August. A month of holding onto that summer feeling. A month where we live in swimsuits and shorts, bring home sand in the Jeep, collect memories and seashells, and indulge in one too many lobster rolls on the shore. We have those last big family vacations and try to forget that things like book bags and school supply lists exist.

New England summer is a time we treasure. There’s a specialness to it that makes you want to hold on a little bit longer. You can see the light start to change a bit by the end of the month like there is a dimmer switch set on a timer letting you know that September is on its way. We’ll take all the days we can get of hearing the ocean waves crash on the beach, bonfires and laughs that make you stay up a little too late, and days spent soaking up the sun. Summer may go into the next month, but our schedules dictate an end to these more carefree ways of living.

Personally, I am relishing in this month as much as I can. We are home the first half of August to work on our interior projects and start planning the dining room and kitchen renovations. It’s nice to enjoy our neighborhood in the summer, let the boys be boys, swim at the club, and just relax in the backyard. We are ending the month with our family lake vacation and then celebrating our anniversary weekend.

Coming Up in August


We are getting closer and closer to sharing our first finished spaces here on our Foxhill House Reno. We started our first floor reno this summer and our entry way and living room are so close to being pretty much finished. I’ll continue to share the progress on those spaces this month. Also, I’ll reveal our dining room moodboard and plans we have for that space.

Also this month, I’m partnering with a favorite home brand to share an upgrade with some furnishings and decor on our patio. Our patio will be another big project in the future, but it’s fun to show how a few small changes can have a big impact.


I’m sharing some vacation packing and vacation outfits this month. With our family lake vacation in a few weeks, I’m going to be taking some favorite resort chic styles with me along with apparel and gear for activities. Days of swimming, boating, tennis and pickleball here we come! This is always something we plan for late August right before school is in session again.

Even though it’s summer, early fall collections are starting to drop. I’m partnering with a couple of fashion brands to start sharing their first fall collections of the season. Fall has always been my favorite fashion season and I look forward to it every year! I love seeing the first signs of fall clothing hit my favorite retailers and designers.


We just came off our Nantucket travels and we wanted to cut out some time to be home to work on the living room and entry way project. Plus, it’s just nice to let the boys relax and enjoy our neighborhood club before school begins. Our youngest has sports camps too, so we are just staying local for a few weeks for that and more family time together.

At the end of the month, we have our Lake Vacation and I’ll be sharing snippets of that. I love where we vacation for this every summer. It’s nostalgic, has so much to offer the family for activities, and so many great nights of dinners and dockside gatherings.

We are ending the month at the Ocean House to celebrate our anniversary weekend. 21 years!

I’ve been in fall and holiday travel planning mode and I can’t wait to share where we are going this year! More on that in the months ahead.

I hope you all are enjoying this month of summer. Though I delight at the thought of the upcoming fall and holiday seasons, I find myself really holding unto summer this year. Maybe it’s an aging thing, but time seems to go by so fast these days! It’s progressively faster the older I get, and I just want to be really grounded in each season with my family. It’s always nice to have those things on the calendar to look forward to, but there’s a simple pleasure in not thinking about it too much and just dwelling in the present.

Summer on, my friends!

xx Kristy

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