Foxhill House Renovation Update no. 003

This week we didn’t get as much accomplished as we wanted to, but a few updates for you on our living room and entry way. I ended up with a fever and bad sinus infection, so I spent most of the weekend not feeling great. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the flooring installer for the runner, but adding that to next weekend’s to-do list.

Here are the updates from this past week…

After looking at our original design board for the living room, I decided to swap out one of the fabrics for Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon in Blue. I wanted something to pull in some more varying blues and my blue and white jars and vases. I’m going to be using three fabrics for the pillows that will be on the sofa and pair of chairs.

Here’s the updated design board…

Custom Chiang Mai in Blue Pillows from Arianna Belle

I was inspired to make this last minute change after our Nantucket trip, and seeing the fabric on the chairs in the vacation rental we stayed in. It reminded me how much I love this fabric and I hadn’t even considered it for our living room originally. I think it will tie things together nicely.

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A few more furniture pieces arrived for the living room and I’m excited we are so close to being able to install the beautiful artwork from Cailini Coastal. My desk chair and a storage ottoman arrived over the weekend.

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I finally narrowed down the chairs for the living room, since I didn’t feel up to doing much else this weekend. I think we are going with a pair of spool chairs. They are classic and I think I will enjoy them for years.

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Shiloh Spool Chair from Ballard Designs

I’m going to order some fabric and wood samples so I know exactly what I want to go with on these, but I love this pairing above. I’m also thinking of a solid or a neutral stripe, but I’m going to decide once I get swatches.

Other than that we have finish work left on the shiplap and painting. Topher got most of it done over the weekend, so we will finish it this week.

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I’ll share another update next week and hopefully some options for the stair runner…

xx Kristy

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