August Pre Fall Wardrobe Shopper

August early fall clothing and accessories are starting to be released, and though I’m in hardcore summer mode over here, I just got the Back to School supply list. Seeing that list instantly made me think about all the fall things approaching around here. Also, I started thinking about some good transitional August and September fall pieces I’d like to mix into my wardrobe. I’m loving the deep greens, warm brown tones, and the bright reds I’m seeing this season. Fall has always been my favorite season for clothing. I have to admit, I do like seeing the first peeks of fall clothing start to pop up every year. I enjoy finding a few new things to mix into my staple wardrobe.

Here’s some early fall things that have caught my eye…

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I did pick up that beautiful camel wool cape when I was on Nantucket this July from the Alice Walk Flagship Store. It’s tailored beautifully and the wool and details are high quality. A great investment piece if you are looking for a good cape for the upcoming season.

It’s always a tad bittersweet seeing the calendar flip to August, but part of me is excited for more routine in our lives once again. We are funny creatures, aren’t we? We crave those months of summer ease and a tad more laid-back living, but we also crave schedules and routines.

We have four more weeks of true summer in our household, then our oldest returns to college at the end of the month and our youngest is back to middle school. We look forward to the end of August for our family lake vacation, but then reality hits really fast that just around the corner soccer games, school functions, and work will be getting busier very soon.

I do think about fall and get excited about the change of seasons since it’s my favorite time of year. My sister-in-law and I have been texting each other fall things off and on lately, because we share that common affinity for the season.

I’m trying not to get too carried away thinking about it all, it will be here before we know it! We are really soaking up these last weeks of summer fun and having all the fall things on the horizon to look forward to is going to be nice after a few weeks of the early AM drop-offs.

Wishing you all fun-filled summer days and happy fall daydreams…

xx Kristy

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