Happy August! The last month of freedom—just kidding—it just feels that way with our family’s really busy season coming in a few weeks! School starts for us at the end of the month, so I’m fitting in some summer jaunts to some favorite spots to enjoy the summer to its fullest. Also, I’ve been feeling all the neutrals lately for my closet and wanted to share some favorites for August for your wardrobe, home, and travels. This is more fashion related this month. I have fall pieces arriving and I’m so excited for my favorite fashion season, but these things will be perfect for the next couple of months. Here’s my August Top Five…

one | This Dress

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This has been a favorite lately and perfect to bring you into fall too. I love the fabric and it’s fitted on top with a zipper closure. It’s more of a seersucker fabric which gives it a nice texture. It has some structure and holds its shape really well. Pockets too!

two | This Bag

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There is a reason why this bag is a best seller! It’s so well-made and sturdy! Feet at the bottom so it sits up and is protected, fine Italian leather detailing inside with strong stitching, and lots of space and compartments to hold all your gadgets and things. Makes a perfect everyday bag. I’m probably going to gush more about the Elisabetta bag in the fall too, because there are some great fall options for it coming out! It’s been one of my go-to everyday bags and the raffia is perfect for the warmer months.

three | These Sunglasses

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I’m a fan of inexpensive sunglasses that look really good. These are ones I picked up recently and they are a great shape and variation. They won’t break the bank at all incase you lose them or drop them. I bought two—good to have a back-up pair since they work well with my face shape.

four | These Sandals

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These are on sale and I got them for some coastal travel this month. I am so pleased that they are comfortable and stay in place. I was questioning my purchase without trying them on first. I’ve worn them grocery shopping, out walking the dogs, and so thrilled they are cute and comfortable. The leather is really soft and the roping is a soft cotton and ties up nicely. The sole is really sturdy too.

five | This Sweater

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My friend, Maggie (margaretofyork.com -give her a follow—I know you’ll love her style and home sharing!), has been singing the praises of Alice Walk and keeps telling me I would love the quality and she was right! A few pieces arrived this week that I will shoot and share with you soon. This cashmere rollneck is insanely good! If you are looking for a good cashmere sweater source I strongly recommend Alice Walk. I haven’t tried any of the cotton offerings, but the cashmere is heaven sent—worth the money!

Those are my top five favorite things for this August! All things that I have and can speak to that I think you will love too!

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