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Are we all dreaming of summer days lately? I know I am!! I just switched out my closet the other day and it inspired me to share one of my favorite bag brands with you—Barrington Gifts. If you’ve been observing me on Instagram—you may notice I love a good bag. I’m definitely a bag lady!

I switch a lot of my bags out with the seasons and Barrington bags are perfect for outdoor activities. They have a wipeable outer fabric, so they are easy to clean. Leather detailing on the straps and bottom. They are completely customizable too. I was pretty much smitten with them right away. You pick the pattern, stripe detail, and monogram style. There are so many cute options.

Here are my favorites and what I use them for…

St. Charles Yacht Tote

Perfect for beach days and days spent aboard a boat.

newport-barrington (1).jpg


I use this bag a lot in the summer. It is quite roomy and great for packing a days worth of gear. It has a lot of pockets and compartments on the inside. The interior is completely wipeable and sand is easy to get out of it. It’s great for a beach day because you can keep your sunscreen, beach gear, phone, camera, and towels all organized and stored away. It’s also great for a day aboard a boat when you are bringing drinks, snacks, swim suits, and towels.

St. Anne Tote

This is the perfect “on the go” bag.


The St. Anne Tote is the perfect size for running errands. I love to take it shopping to the farmer’s market or country store. I can fit my wallet and produce purchases in it perfectly. It is a good everyday bag if you are taking it to work with you…when we go back into work that is! Also, I love it for day trips. I can fit everything I need for the day and little souvenirs are easy to stow away in it.

(Sadly the lobster print is discontinued, but they have so many other cute options!)

Here’s my new favorite design and I’m excited to use it once we are able to get out of the house again:

The Westport Wine Tote

Great for picnics and BYOB lobster shacks.


I love this wine tote and every time we use it someone asks where we got it from. It comes with its own corkscrew attached to the leather holder on the handles. You can fit two bottles or one bottle and put your glasses on the other side. So great for tailgating, picnics, beach nights, and BYOB seaside restaurants. This would make a great housewarming gift too.

Those are my favorite Barrington Gifts bags for the warmer months. They have a 20% off site wide sale going right now during this COVID-19 pandemic. Use code TOGETHER.

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