We’ve been easing back into travel as much as we can right now. We’ve booked a Maine vacation, are plotting our next Nantucket adventure, and starting to visit some of our favorite Connecticut towns. With many stores and restaurants back open and hotels ready for guests, I’m excited to see what this summer will bring and the memories that will be made.

The other day we headed to one of our favorite coastal Connecticut towns and to our surprise the beach roses were in bloom. I think this happens almost overnight! The scent of rose and salt air is such a perfect combination. You can’t beat it. It’s a sign that summer is here.

There’s a little conservation area we love to visit and its rocky shore full of shells is a fun little jaunt. Here’s some photos from that little walk…


barrington-blog-5 (1).jpg


barrington-blog (1).jpg


St. Charles Yacht Tote Bag c/o Barrington Gifts

Sail Boat Blanket c/o Chappy Wrap

Gingham Shirt c/o Foxcroft

Sunglasses J. Crew

Earrings J. Crew

Our trip to the Ocean House at the end of May really kicked off the summer travel season for me. I’ve started small with just some day trips to a few of my favorite places, but I feel ready now to start staying overnight places again. I know everyone is doing what is best for them with the COVID-19 outbreak. I plan on doing safe practices when in public. Wearing a mask when going into establishments, using anti-bacterial wash, social distancing, and washing my hands. Here’s to wherever our summer travels will take us this season! I’m excited to share more of the New England experience with you once again.

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