Blue & White Home Favorites for Spring

Spring is almost here and we are so excited for warmer days. Living here in Connecticut, we are by the water a lot and our travels around New England often times take us to coastal destinations. The landscape here has really inspired the direction our home’s interiors.

I’ve held off on changing our furniture too much since we bought our Connecticut home 3 years ago. This year, we decided to make a few updates and we definitely want to bring in those coastal blues yet keep to the modern traditional style of our home.

It all started with a conversation about how we need to update our 10 year old sofa. We found one at Pottery Barn we really like and that sparked a little home refresh. I’ll share what we went with soon and it is perfect for the vibe we want in our home.

I’ve been doing a little online shopping of some home decor pieces to add into the mix, and since I did the leg work, I thought I’d share those with you here incase you are looking for a little refresh too.


Blue & White Coffee Table Books

I’ve always been a coffee table book lover. If they are about travel, lifestyle, or interiors—count me in! Here’s some I sourced to add to our home and to add to my inspiration bank for our blue and white home refresh.

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Blue & White Pillows

The sofa we are ordering is a white slip-covered one. I am a huge fan of white slip-covered sofas and they are so easy to keep clean. I’ll never go back—haha! I want to add a pair of blue and white pillows to it once it arrives and here are some I love.

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Blue & White Details

When I think spring and summer home decor, I think of orchids in cache pots, model ships, and ginger jars. I love a good piece for texture like a basket to store throws in too. Here’s some pieces perfect for a blue and white home.

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It’s going to take a few weeks for our new sofa to arrive…I think about ten, so I have some time to decide on all the other details I want to add into our space. It’s going to be so nice to have it brightened up a bit and these changes will look great and seamless with the grasscloth wallpaper and traditional elements of our home.

I’m off to start getting ready for our next travel and I can’t wait to share the fun with you these next two weeks.

Until next time,


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