What’s in My Travel Bag Spring in Mystic Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! We are officially on spring break for the week and have a fun little travel to Mystic, Connecticut soon. With travel picking up once again, I’m bringing back the “What’s in My Travel Bag” posts. I’ve ALWAYS loved packing for trips. It brings me joy planning out outfits for different activities, dinners, outdoor exploring—I’ve always loved this process so much—since I was a teenager many, many moons ago.

The weather is warming up and I’m excited to stay with the Whaler’s Inn again. We featured them last fall and stayed in the fabulous Morgan Suite and this trip we are bringing the whole family and staying in a family suite. You can see my fall stay at the Whaler’s Inn here. I can’t wait to share what we will be doing while in Mystic and share this lovely boutique hotel with you once again.

So, since we are heading out soon…here’s What’s in My Bag: Spring in Mystic Edition

What’s in My Bag

Spring in Mystic, CT Edition


Large Canvas Monogrammed Travel Bag

Seersucker Monogrammed Travel Bag Set of 3 (linked similar/set of 3 out of stock)

I use different travel bags for different seasons and destinations. Since this is a 2 night stay and just an hour drive away, I love that canvas weekender bag. I use it so much for this kind of travel, especially to coastal places that aren’t that far away.

I love my seersucker set of travel bags too and I linked to a similar one for you. Hopefully, they will restock them for the season, because I get so many compliments on them when traveling with friends. I love the sizes too. I use one for under pinnings, one for make-up, and one for toiletries.

Packing for this trip, we will be doing a mix of outdoor activities, walking a lot, dining, and going to the Seaport. So, I’m bringing a mix of coats, shoes, and casualand dressier options. Here’s what is in my travel bag and I can’t wait to share some of these pieces with you more and what they are going to be worn for on this travel.

Casual in My Bag

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Dress Up in My Bag

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I’m definitely bringing more casual clothes this trip than dressy. We’ll be outdoors a lot, at the beach, at the Seaport, walking around town. I’m just bringing a couple of cute dinner outfits to feel a little more put together at night. Lots of jackets, sweaters, and warmer tops, because even though it will be in the upper 50’s and 60’s, it can be quite chilly on the beach by the ocean and walking by the river if it is breezy and overcast at all.

I have a fun little home renovation project I just started for spring too, and I’ll share more on that later this week. If you are anything like me, I love a good spring home project!

I’ll report from Mystic soon!

Until next time,


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