Exploring the Rockport, MA Coast Quieter Coves & Beaches

I am back from an amazing trip to Rockport, Massachusetts and I am so excited to share all the wonderful little tidbits of that getaway. In the days ahead, I’ll be sharing where I stayed, what we did, and all—but for today— let’s just hold on to that summer feeling! Here are some shots from our explorations along the Rockport coast. It was such a great mix of rocky, sandy, and lush landscapes. I chose to wear a fun and colorful linen dress from Joules USA for the day and it was the perfect outfit to play in along on the seaside.

If you’ve ever been to Rockport before, you know the popular beaches like Long Beach, Front Beach, and Back Beach I’m sure—even the bigger more populated swimming beaches in Worcester. I wanted to hike around and splash in the waves, so I chose to explore the less packed and quieter beaches and coves.

First up on our little exploration…

Cape Hedge Beach

This was at the recommendation of our inn keeper and it did not disappoint. It’s a popular spot for divers and has a lot of seaweed. The colors of the water are brilliant and it actually is the neighboring beach to Long Beach and is only separated by a pile of rocks. It is part sandy beach, part rocky terrain, and part pebbles. Such a neat mix and fun to walk. Also, it has some stunning homes to see from the sand. Pretty secluded and much quieter.


Chrissie Waisted Linen Dress c/o Joules USA

“I- I love the colorful clothes she wears

And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair

I hear the sound of a gentle word

On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air…”

-Beach Boys Good Vibrations








Loblolly Cove & Point

The cove here is rocky and has some sand and grass. A lot of kayakers and dog walkers come to this little inlet. It has quite the view and you’ll see crabs and more in the the nooks and crannys in the rocks. Go a little farther down the coast to the point to get an amazing view. You’ll have to park your car and hike up a little rocky path through vegetation, but it’s worth it. The view at the top of the little trek gives you a perfect view of Thatcher Island and the Twin Lighthouses. Look back and you can see the Straitsmouth Island Light too. 3 lighthouses all from one view. It’s quite the stunning area too. Dark rocks, greenery, and blue water paint quite the picture. There is a lone picnic table at the lookout point if you want to bring a little meal to enjoy.





loblolly-cove-joules-usa-dress-rockport-ma (1).jpg


That was such a fun morning and I just want to hold onto summer a little longer this year. If you get to Rockport, it is fun to check out the more off the beaten path beaches and coves. They really are quite stunning. I’ll be back soon with more on my stay and activities.

Thanks always to Joules USA for outfitting me as I explore around New England.

You can read my 48 Hours in Rockport Guide here.

Until next time,


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