Fall Entertaining and an Autumnal Charcuterie Board

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops. All opinions are my own.

Fall entertaining season is here! Bring on all the apple, pumpkin, and maple flavored treats please! We love having people over this time of year and I found so many great fall foods at Christmas Tree Shops for our first get together of the season. They carry an array of fall seasonal foods and have a great selection of nuts, crackers, and more to build the perfect fall charcuterie board.

Here’s some favorite fall foods and entertaining decor I picked up this week at Christmas Tree Shops and some autumnal charcuterie board inspiration!

Build your Board with Fall Foods


Christmas Tree Shops had aisle after aisle of fall foods. Maple cream cookies, pumpkin snaps, apple chips, candy corn, caramel dip, and apple butter are all perfect fall treats to add to an autumn charcuterie board.

They always have a great selection of nuts, crackers, and chips too, so I picked up our favorites to compliment the cheeses and fresh fruit I purchased at the market earlier that day. Everything on our board was available at our local Christmas Tree Shops except the dairy and apples. .

I even picked up an apple crisp mix and added that to our entertaining that night. Christmas Tree Shops had a whole section of fall baking mixes from pumpkin scones to apple muffins.

The sparkling cider was another fun find to add as a beverage to our festive fall night.

Fall Entertaining Pieces for your Gathering

I loved these wooden pumpkin plates and fall plaid napkins. They added a festive touch to our first fall gathering of the season.

The maple leaf party picks were perfect for guests to use on the board for cheese and apple slices. I have plenty left over for more fall parties this season. They would be so cute atop cupcakes or pumpkin bars too.

The little acorn dishes you see on the board were a great added touch to hold caramel sauce, mustard, and more. They were a steal at $1.99 each. I picked up a few extras to use on our Thanksgiving table later this year.

Fall Home Decor

I added in a little touch of fall around our home to add to the spirit of the evening. The wooden pumpkins and acorns add a little fall color.

I used the fall potpourri around our charcuterie board for a little extra adornment. It was just $4.99 a bag, so I picked up a couple of bags to use throughout the house. They had apple and cinnamon and pumpkin spice available in store.

Fall Charcuterie Board Ideas & Tips

I love to create charcuterie boards for our gatherings and it’s fun for me to come up with little ways to make them extra festive for the season.

Tip #1 —Use leaf cookie cutters to cut out cheese slices.

Use a leaf cookie cutter on top of a wheel of Brie to cut out the top and add your favorite spiced jam or cranberries for a fun touch. Christmas Tree Shops has fall leaf and pumpkin cookie cutters in the kitchen section of the store.

Tip#2 — Use little dishes to hold jams, dips, nuts, and more.


I opted to use the acorn dishes for our autumn board that are available at Christmas Tree Shops.

Tip #3— Have fun designing!

I like to arrange cookies and crackers in a curve pattern. I try to balance the colors too and arrange things in an eye-catching way. You can think beyond just sections and form shapes and interesting patterns with the layout of your foods.


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Be sure to visit Christmas Tree Shops for all your fall food and entertaining needs.

I’d like to thank Christmas Tree Shops for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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