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One thing is abundantly clear if you have been following me for any matter of time on Instagram or this blog—I LOVE LOBSTER! I love to eat it, I love to photograph every lobster shack and lobster buoy I see, and I love to adorn myself in a lobster print! There really is nothing more New England. New England is known for its amazing seafood and yes—lobster! It’s just part of life here.

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite lobster finds. Any single one of these would make a great compliment to your home or summer style—especially if you plan on visiting the coast or you’re just love lobster lover like me—wink, wink!

Lobster Finds

Chappy Wrap blankets have become a staple in our home. This company is owned by a mother and daughter team right here in Connecticut. This brand has such a sweet story behind it too! We have several throughout our home and they are great cuddle blankets. So soft and large so you can wrap up in them. Easy to clean too. Just pop them in the washer and dryer and they don’t lose their size or softness. They become our travel blankets, picnic blankets, bonfire blankets, and beach blankets. I love the lobster print so much! They come up with the BEST designs!


This J. Crew Lobster Sweater Jacket has been my go-to cover for this summer! I love it—perfect when the day starts to cool or you are out on the water on a breezy day. If it says it’s out of stock—check back because it’s been so popular it is being restocked. It’s a classic that I will love for years to come.

I love anything monogrammed and when I saw a monogram with a lobster—SOLD! Monogram Mary is a fantastic monogram everything shop and there are so many ways to to show your lobster love—baby bibs, bags, napkins, and more!




You might have caught on to my love for Barrington Gifts bags. They are sooo versatile and perfect for travel. Back by popular demand is the lobster print and it’s one of the bags I get asked about most here! You can have your monogram added like I did for a personal touch.

There’s a little lobster goodness for your Wednesday!

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