Newport Polo Tailgate

One of my favorite things that we did during our Newport weekend away was tailgating on the lawn with The Brenton Hotel at Newport Polo. You can see my full post on our stay at The Brenton HERE if you’d like details on the hotel and see images of the interiors and amenities.

Attending a polo match during the summer is such a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. We loved tailgating with The Brenton and had such a fun group. If you’ve never done this before, I think you’d love attending a match!

Here’s our pre-game set-up at Newport Polo and a glimpse at the fun of the day and evening…

Tailgate with The Brenton Hotel

Polo Tailgate Favorites

What to Wear

Tailgating on the lawn is a bit more casual than being in the grand stands which is more derby-esque. Some attendees on the lawn are more dressed up and some are way more casual. Most women were wearing sundresses and hats. Men wear casual button downs and khakis to full blazers and suits. For the ladies, I would definitely stress flats, sandals, and espadrilles so you can stomp those divits. Also, a pair of sunglasses is a good idea.

Snippets of the Festivities

Every Saturday, June through the end of September you can attend a match at Newport Polo. Be sure to checkout there website for ticket info and their season schedule.

xx Kristy

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