The Friday Five | 5.10.24

With Mother’s Day and soccer this weekend, we have another full Saturday and Sunday ahead of us. It’s going to be so nice to have another family filled couple of days together. This week, we visited the beautiful tulip gardens at Elizabeth Park. Also, with our first vacation a few weeks away, I’ve been planning and making shopping lists for everyone in the family. We are definitely feeling the summer anticipation over here!

Here’s what caught my eye this week…


Festive athleisure summer finds

I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday and we were both saying how we pretty much live in workout clothes during the week. I’m constantly fitting my walks and workouts in during my work day and I love that there are so many cute options for athleisure these days.

With tenniscore vibes going strong, I’m loving the skorts and layers. It’s easy to look put together if you have to run out of the house. Definitely beats leggings, t-shirts, and bike shorts in my opinion.

Here’s my latest athleisure finds and they have Americana vibes for summer…

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Weekend plans if you are local

The gardens at Elizabeth Park in Hartford are a treat to enjoy in the spring and summer. This weekend if you need a great place to walk or stroll be sure to check out the tulip garden. It is probably one of the last weekends it will be in bloom before the petals start to fade. It also makes a great spot for Mother’s Day family photos or graduation photos. Come June and July the rose garden will be blooming, so keep that on your radar too.


Polo Ralph Lauren collection

I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren for classic American sportswear and lately it’s interesting to see a classic trending with the younger set. I’m not one for trends and have always loved RL, so I’m all for a younger generation embracing it.

Here’s some favorites from the women’s Polo collection this month…

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My Hermoza dress is on sale now

If you are looking for a lovely dress for a garden party or daytime wedding, this floral midi dress is a great option. It’s beautifully made and is now on sale for Mother’s Day.

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Americana summer

I have always looked forward to the summer holidays. It’s such a festive time here in New England and I’ve been looking at options for our summer travels and celebrations. A lot of brands have just started releasing their more festive summer collections and here are some things that grabbed my attention.

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I’m wishing you all a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

xx Kristy

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