Trying to Grow a Green Thumb

When we bought Camp Foxhill a couple of years ago, I knew it was going to be a project to say the least. Now, with the current state of the world, our renovations are on hold until it is safe for a crew to start on the home. With this in mind, I have been focusing on little refreshes I can do myself. The weather has been getting nicer, so my mind is going into garden zone. I am not a gardening expert, but I’d like to learn. Our yard is a blank slate…B-L-A-N-K! We have a couple of cherry trees in front and a couple hydrangea bushes, but that is it. Actually, it’s quite refreshing because I can plant whatever I want.

My dream is to have a lot of boxwoods and rows of hydrangea bushes. I’d love to plant some spring bulbs and a little herb and veggie garden one day too. Maybe some ornamental ivy on wire on the walls around the patio would make a nice touch one of these days.

Topher surprised me with another hydrangea bush, so I need to get it in the ground soon. If you have any hydrangea tips, let me know—I’m a newbie caring for them.

My hope is to make this yard somewhat appealing soon, since we will probably be spending AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF TIME in it, especially now. Spring has sprung as they say, and I’m ready to start planting!

I am so inspired by the blooms around me, that I decided to wear a new favorite gingham top and head out with my sidekick to see where I want to start my plantings…







Zoe Top in Pink Gingham c/o Duffield Lane

Cooper Cardigan c/o Duffield Lane

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White Jeans Old Navy

Sunglasses J. Crew

Deck Shoes (old), similar here

I think I’m going to plant this by the patio and start adding to it eventually. Maybe some lavender too. It’s so nice to have the warmth and lighter layers once again. That pink gingham top is sleeveless too, so it is the perfect layering piece and will be great in the summer.

Have you been bitten by the gardening bug lately?

Until next time,


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