Bedroom Refresh Planning

It’s been so beautiful these past couple of days, that we’ve been spending a lot of time in our yard. I am so thankful for spring when we have to be at home for the unforeseen future. It definitely has inspired me to get to some projects around the house that I have put off.

On that note, I’ve been doing some online sourcing for a little project I am excited to work on…


Our master bedroom is a space that I have been thinking about refreshing lately. I tend to change out linens and fabrics for the different seasons. In my mind, fall and winter is tartan season and spring and summer it ticking stripe and coastal blue season. This time of year, I always start thinking about the coast. I can’t wait to get back. In meantime, I am going to bring those coastal blues to our bedroom.

Since going into a store is out of the question, I’ve been planning online with sources and brands I know and trust. I will be partnering with one of my favorite bedding companies, Crane & Canopy, to refresh this room too.


French Blue Wavelet Embroidered Sheeting

French Blue Linden Border Duvet & Shams with Monogram

French Blue Scalloped Embroidered Sheeting

I have Crane & Canopy bedding that I use in our guest space and it has held up so well over the years. I love that they now offer monogramming too.


Coral on crystal

Striped Pajamas—big sale!

Crane & Canopy Pajama Set

Ginger Jar Art Print

I put in my selections and now I am going to start some other projects for this refresh while they ship. Our family has been so busy that things like this just don’t get accomplished during the school year. Now, that we are homebodies and life has a slower pace, I am enjoying tackling that to-do list.

I’ll share the finished space soon!

Until next time,


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