Anchored in September

We are on the brink of another month and it is one of my favorite months for many reasons. Here in New England, the bulk of summer vacations have been taken, the more touristy locations start to calm a bit, and there are still plenty of warm days to get on the water and be on the beaches. September is a glorious month here.

Also, it is a month that brings my favorite season of all. Autumn will greet us in the last of these September days, and I for one am excited for fall foliage, apple orchards, sweater weather, and more! It’s a great month for fashion and revamping our homes a bit too.

Here’s what is on my radar for September…


  • Mystic, Connecticut — I’m actually going to be in Mystic a couple different times this month for different things. First up, is an anniversary celebration on a beautiful antique boat. Then, I will be heading back for a stay and a fun trip with one of my favorite blogger friends and a couple of brands we can’t wait to share with you!

  • Omni Mt. Washington Resort— I’m writing up a full recap of our wonderful stay and adventures here and I will have that live for you soon! It was a lovely trip to take at the end of August and they are on top of safety for their guests in these COVID times.

  • Orchard Days— With fall approaching, we always head to the orchard by the end of the month. We have a couple that we will be sharing with you here, that will make the perfect day trip.

  • Fall Travel Preview— I’m going to recap some of my favorite New England fall travel destinations so you can start planning your autumn road trips.


  • Transitioning to Fall— I’m excited to share the latest fall offerings from a few New England brands and some more mainstream retailers this month. It’s always been my favorite time to update my wardrobe, ever since I was a teenager many moons ago!


  • Blueberry Season— The blueberry harvest this year was later and slower than in years past because of our current state of things, but wild blueberries are a treat here in New England. I’ll be sharing my favorite recipe to make with them.

  • Fall Home Finds— I’ve added some great fall pieces to my home to freshen up our spaces a bit for the new season and I’ll be sharing them here with you.

  • A “Pawtique”— Zoey got a few new pieces to add to her wardrobe that fit with coastal living perfectly! I’ll share my favorite new place for dog accessories this month.

That’s what is on my calendar to share with you here the whole month of September. There’s a couple things in the works too, and there might be a few surprises along the way that I did not mention in this post.

August has been such an unexpectedly busy month for us, so I’m looking forward to being close to home for a few weeks and enjoying these last weeks of summer.

More soon…

Until next time,


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