My First Time at the Ocean House in Rhode Island

How is everyone after the long weekend and the unofficial kickoff to summer? I packed up my bags Tuesday for a special “socially distanced” photo shoot with Shop Navy Bleu and Chappy Wrap at the spectacular Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It was an amazing way to experience the Ocean House for the first time, that is for sure!!

I got to enjoy some quality time being creative with some amazing New England creatives and our photographer, Julia Dags , was a true pro and is so talented. It was just a joy to watch her do her thing! I can’t wait to share all the details and her beautiful photographs with you.

It was a really full day of shooting and it almost felt like life was back to normal except for the masks and social distancing. Luckily, we had the best group of women and it was a pleasure to enjoy a day supporting each other. I even learned about a few new to me New England brands that I will share here too.

I’ll be sure to write up a post and share on social as soon as the photos are ready and feature everyone properly. I saw a tiny preview last night and they are going to be SO INCREDIBLY GOOD!

Once we wrapped, I took just a little extra time exploring the Ocean House and the grounds. We had a few wardrobe changes for Navy Bleu, so I just threw on an airy beach dress and grabbed some sweaters since there was a cool in the air later in the day. My new friend, Jen, stayed too and we had so much fun chatting and shooting this beautiful location. We all agree as a group we want to go back—it really is a gem of New England.

Here’s some of the photos I was able to snap at the end of the day. The light was so beautiful and it was fun to play around.



ocean-house-garden-2 (1).JPG






ocean-house-sail-to-sable-maxi-dress (1).jpg


ocean-house-beach-walk (1).jpg





ocean-house-fence-sand (1).jpg



img_8604 (1).jpg

Here’s to making more memories at this incredible place. I’ve honestly never been anywhere quite like this. It really is unique and the restoration and attention to detail is something to be admired. I’m hoping they get to welcome guests once again this June as planned.

Another big thank you to Jen, who was such a good sport shooting with me for the first time. I was so thrilled to get to shoot photos for her and I hope she enjoys them. And another big thank you to Erin from Navy Bleu for inviting me to join in on this adventure along with Beth and Christina from Chappy Wrap. I can’t wait to share what we all worked on this day and all the ladies who joined in on the fun.

Until next time,


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